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Uncorked Afterglo sponsored by CultureHaus

CultureHaus is collaborating with the DAM on Uncorked AFTERGLO and offering up the fancy DAM fundraiser after-party for a fraction of the price to CultureHaus members only.

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CultureHaus InHaus Presents a Tour of Mi Tierra: Contemporary Artists Explore Place

Please join CultureHaus for an exclusive tour of the new exhibition, Mi Tierra: Contemporary Artists Explore Place, which features site-specific installations by 13 Latino artists that express experiences of contemporary life in the American West.

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CultureHaus Out & About Presents: The Historic Mountain States Telephone & Telegraph Company Headquarters Building: Colorado’s Bell System Palace

Out & About 2017, inspired by Star Wars and the Art of the Force, is bringing all things science–including science fiction.

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The Art of the Force is Strongβ€”and SOON.

Get your lightsabers ready to light it up after dark with CultureHaus on January 21, 2017 for what is routinely called “The Party of the Year.” Art of the Force will feature after hours access to the Denver Art Museum’s marquee exhibition: Star Warsβ„’ and the Power of Costume. We’ll also celebrate the CultureHaus 20th Anniversary at this unique gala.

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CultureHaus Collects Presents Studio Visit with Artist Evan Anderman

We’re thrilled for the chance to visit the studio of Evan Anderman, a social-landscape photographer who shoots mostly from his airplane. With his breathtaking aerial shots, Anderman seeks to challenge our understanding of the relationship between human development and the natural world and bring into focus the ways we use the land. His work may be found in the Denver Art Museum collection.

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