HAUSMATES: Portrait of a Member, June Edition

CultureHaus makes up the coolest community in Colorado.

Get to know your fellow art lovers as we put the spotlight on a different member each month.

Full Name
Danny MacDonald


Where can we find you? (on the internet or in the real world)

Instagram @dsmacdon90

Tell us about your favorite CultureHaus event(s) you’ve been to?

Over my six years with CultureHaus, my favorite event remains are intimate painting and  cocktails evening with Michael Dowling. Everyone walked out of the event feeling like Van Gogh with a piece of art in hand. I also loved visiting private collectors homes… its so fun seeing and being inspired by someones collection.

What is your most memorable experience or exhibit at the Denver Art Museum?

Oh gosh, so many to choose from! One that has stuck with me over the years is Jeffrey Gibson’s “Like a Hammer” exhibition. It was a pivotal moment in his career and it was so awesome seeing a new artist break into the scene. From the dancing suits to the intricate beaded punching bags, it was amazing to see such phenomenal and unique works.

What is your favorite way to experience art in Denver?

As a RiNo resident, I personally enjoy all the street art in my neighborhood… its always evolving and bringing light to new artists. A stroll down the alley with an iced cup of coffee in hand is one of my favorite weekend adventures. 

Do you have a favorite local artist? What is your favorite piece or exhibit from them?

I bought my very first piece from Michael Dowling… who I will always be a huge fan of. Its a classic charcoal drawing of a bull breaking out of his golden nose horn, depicting a sense of freedom and independence. It was a piece that just spoke to me! Michael’s not only a great artist but an all around good person. I proudly have the piece displayed in my living room to this day.

What are you reading, listening to, or watching right now? Or what are you working on?

When Im not sucked into a true crime podcast (cough cough, Crime Junkie) I enjoy listening to 10% Happier, a podcast hosted by Sam Harris… one of my faves.

Tell us something unique about yourself!

Im a small town guy from Gillette Wyoming with a big city view of the world. In my daily life, I lead Diversity and Inclusion at my company and get to work alongside artists who run our personal art gallery… New Collection. Check us out online.

Can you share a link to your favorite local artists or their work?

One of my recent obsessions is the work of Noelle Phares who explores the tension between organic & synthetic… check out her work on IG at @noellephares

Why would you recommend CultureHaus?

Aside from the specially curated events and exposure to the arts… I’ve met some of my closest friends and colleagues through CultureHaus.