HAUSMATES: Portrait of a Member, January Edition

CultureHaus makes up the coolest community in Colorado.

Get to know your fellow art lovers as we put the spotlight on a different member each month.


Full Name
Brianna Hernandez


Where can we find you? (on the internet or in the real world)
On social media you can find me at @303bri. In the real world, I spend my time as the Digital Marketing Manager at Evolve Vacation Rental. Our mission is to make vacation rental easy for everyone! Outside of work, I spend a lot of time reading, cooking, running to podcasts, watching bad reality TV, and going on long walks with my rescue pup Stanley. In a non-Covid world, you’d also find me restaurant-hopping and enjoying the sunset on one of Denver’s many incredible rooftops. 

Tell us about your favorite CultureHaus event(s) you’ve been to?
Art of the Force in 2017 was one of my favorite Signature Events! Signature Event is CultureHaus’ annual fundraising gala that celebrates whichever major exhibition is at the Denver Art Museum. That year, Signature Event was centered around the “Star Wars And The Power Of Costume” exhibition – a collection of captivating and legendary costumes from the first seven Star Wars films. Art of the Force brought art lovers, fashionistas, and Star Wars fans together that night to fundraise for the Denver Art Museum. That night was also CultureHaus’ 20th anniversary and then Governor/current Senator John Hickenlooper spoke about the mission of CultureHaus. As one of the original founders of CultureHaus, Sen. Hickenlooper reiterated how important the next generation of art patrons are – not just to the Denver Art Museum, but also to the greater Denver art community. It made me so proud to be a part of CultureHaus, and I’ve remained deeply committed to continuing Sen. Hickenlooper’s mission ever since. CultureHaus also participates in the annual Pride Parade every year with the Denver Art Museum and it’s a blast!

What is your most memorable experience or exhibit at the Denver Art Museum?
I have so many but there are three exhibitions that I think about often. First, I love abstract impressionism and politically fueled art, so Mark Bradford’s “Shade: Clyfford Still/Mark Bradford” exhibition in 2017 left a huge mark. I visited the exhibition four times before it closed and found new layers and depths to Bradford’s work every time. Next, Jeffrey Gibson’s “Like A Hammer” exhibition in 2018 was truly unlike anything I’ve seen before. His work is so heartfelt and vulnerable, and truly pushes the limits of mixed media art. It was my first introduction to beadwork and now it’s one of my favorite mediums. Finally, “Mi Tierra: Contemporary Artists Explore Place,” a site-specific exhibition in 2017, is an experience I’ll never forget. The exhibition was a collection of 13 different installations by Latino artists depicting their interpretation of Latino life in the American West. As a Mexican-American myself, seeing this representation inside the museum as sprawling masterpieces made such an impact on me.

What is your favorite way to experience art in Denver?
With CultureHaus! I’ve always loved art but struggled to connect with fellow art lovers before joining CultureHaus. Once I became a member, not only did I have access to unique events and exclusive experiences, I also met dozens of art lovers! I was able to connect with people whom I might not have otherwise been introduced to. Those people have become great friends and I love experiencing art with them inside and outside of the museum. 

Do you have a favorite local artist? What is your favorite piece or exhibit from them?
There are so many! Check them out and give them a follow:
– Jason Thielke: @jason_thielke (His mural “Kim & Jesse” in Five Points is one of the most romantic pieces I’ve ever seen)
– Noelle Phares: @noellephares (Some of the most gorgeous modern landscape paintings you’ll ever see)
– Jonathan Saiz: @jonathan.saiz (Creates some of Denver’s most exciting mixed media installations and social experiments)
– Scott Young: @scottyoungstudio (Takes lightwork to a new level and has produced some of Denver’s most iconic public pieces)
– Thomas Evans: @detour303 (You’ve definitely seen his work – he adds so much color and love to our city)
– Armando Silva: @artmandosilva (A modern muralist on a mission to build community through art)

Jonathan Saiz Colorado Coastal, Installation, 2019, © K Contemporary Art Gallery

What is an unusual habit or unique thing that you love?
Growing up, my family moved frequently for my father’s career. My mom would take me to museums as a way to explore our new home whenever we moved. That’s when my love for history and art really began. Now, visiting museums when I travel is a top priority!

Why would you recommend CultureHaus?
The community of fellow art lovers! Joining CultureHaus has truly brought so much joy to my life. It’s allowed me to meet new people, explore Denver in new ways, and experience art alongside fellow art lovers. Most importantly, it’s given me the opportunity to volunteer my time and skills as a CultureHaus board member to support the Denver Art Museum. The museum is such a meaningful beacon of creativity in the Denver community, and it’s been an incredible respite during the last year. Art fuels hope, creativity, passion, vulnerability, unity, action, conversation, and so much more. If you’re not already a member of the Denver Art Museum and/or CultureHaus you should consider joining! CultureHaus has lots of fun distanced and digital events coming up – let’s celebrate art together!