HAUSMATES: Portrait of a Member, August Edition

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Full Name
Kathleen Perniciaro

she her herself

Where can we find you? (on the internet or in the real world)

Working for Make West in Denver, CO, hiking new trails on the weekends, and getting used to the new normal as 2020 continues to unfold 


Tell us about your favorite CultureHaus event(s) you’ve been to?

I’m grateful to have been a CultureHaus (CH) member for 7 years now. I care deeply for the friends I’ve made and the memories shared. My first CH event was a studio tour of TANK Studios and I’ve been riding that high throughout my membership. Marching in the Denver Pride Parade with CultureHaus and the DAM is always a highlight of the year as well as dressing up for CH’s annual fundraiser – this year’s fundraiser was Art of Monet: An Evening in the Garden. One event that surprised me was an InHaus event for “Drawn to Glamour: Fashion Illustrations by Jim Howard.” The style and content of the artwork wasn’t something I would typically be drawn to. CultureHaus’ hosted an after hours tour of the exhibition and we listened to Jane Burke, senior curatorial assistant of textile and fashion at the DAM, have a conversation with the artist Jim Howard. Listening to Mr. Howard discuss his prolific career was mesmerizing. He had a story for every illustration exhibited and his perspective on life felt practical, positive, and rooted in love – it brought the work to life for me and I left the InHaus event with a new appreciation for Mr. Howard’s illustrations.


What is your most memorable experience or exhibit at the Denver Art Museum?

“Mi Tierra: Contemporary Artists Explore Place” – not only was I excited to see local artists’ (Jaime Carrejo and Dmitri Obergfell) work exhibited at a large scale at the Museum, but the installation-based exhibition felt more vulnerable and progressive than other exhibitions I had seen at the DAM to date. Having moved to Colorado several years before, and not having thought much about the American West, this exhibition allowed me to consider my new home from new perspectives and I found the work to be haunting and was grateful for the conversations it sparked. “Shade: Her Paris: Women Artists in the Age of Impressionism,” “Jeffrey Gibson: Like a Hammer,” and more recently “Jordan Casteel: Returning the Gaze” have all stuck with me. I’m a sucker for Theodore Waddell’s Motherwell’s Angus in the DAM’s permanent collection, too.


What is your favorite way to experience art in Denver?

In person outside of the exhibition opening when it’s quieter and I can have more time and space with the artwork or seeing the artwork in the artist’s studio within context of the practice that goes into the finished pieces.


Do you have a favorite local artist? What is your favorite piece or exhibit from them? 

Can you share a link to the work or artist?

I couldn’t pick a favorite local artist, but I can talk about pieces and exhibitions of work by local artists that I think about often. In no particular order and as they’re coming to mind right now, the following have been some of my favorites: Frankie Toan‘s “This is How I See Your House” exhibited during “Making Art/Making Community” at the Vicki Myhren Gallery was a relevant and approachable installation tackling a complex conversation about how we engage with others on social platforms. “For Lease” was a pop-up exhibition of performances and installations shown in an empty commercial space near Casa Bonita displaying work by Carin Rodinborn, Marsha Mack, Shayna Cohn, & the New Genres Collective. Redline‘s 10x: 10th Anniversary Retrospective included an impressive collection of work by local artists and I especially loved the bronze pieces by Donald Fodness. “Espacio Liminal” at Museo De Las Americas exhibited several local artists and George Perez’s work was shown at a much larger scale than usual which was fun to see. I loved seeing Kaitlyn Tucek‘s art in context of and lining the halls into Wonderbound‘s performance, “Ice.” Lately, I’m paying attention to Leon Gallery, O D E S S A, Tilt West, Understudy, Hey Hue, and I look forward to seeing the store front displays by Lane Meyer Projects, LMP PDA, The first display is exhibiting Marsha Mack. Lane Meyer Projects is foregoing gallery commission on the sale of work included in LMA PDA and the artist gets to choose to donate a percentage of the sales to an organization of their choice. I could go on! There are great things happening in Denver.


Share an experience with a piece of art or an artist that made an impression are you.

I grew up in St. Louis, MO. Beverly Pepper’s “Cromlech Glen” at Laumeier Sculpture Park in St. Louis feels monumental to this day. When visiting the piece, I’m immediately focused on the experience as I climb stairs to engage with the work. My perspective of the land changes as I move along the provided path and it feels somewhat sacred as a viewer to become a part of the piece and engulfed by the artwork. It’s a meditation that lingers with me as I continue along the trail to other pieces in the sculpture park. “Cromlech Glen” is a collaboration between the land, the artist, and the audience. It reminds me that art can take many forms and can be perceived in many ways depending on the viewer and how they choose to consider it.


What are you reading, listening to, or watching right now? Or what are you working on?

I’m pregnant and in my third trimester, so I have baby on the brain. My husband and I are tackling a lot of mini remodels around the house. I read the Denver Post and NPR headlines daily and I’ve been listening to Charley Crockett, Black Pumas, and Rage Against the Machine (when I’m in a mood).


What is an unusual habit or unique thing that you love?

When I’m not 8 months pregnant, I play soccer for Sporting Denver West and I collect handmade ornaments as keepsakes from travels far and wide.