What’s happening in 2020

CultureHaus has so much in store for its members this year. We’re on cloud nine after Art of Monet: An Evening in the Garden last month. Thanks to everyone that joined us at this year’s gala. Your attendance helped solidify another year of giving back in big ways to the Denver Art Museum.

Keep a look out for our next In Haus event in March where we’ll explore the The Light Show currently on view. CultureHaus will host 4-5 In Haus events this year which are intimate after-hour tours of exhibitions at the museum usually led by the curator of the show. We’ll be having another brunch this Spring organized by our talented Collects co-chairs. The boozy brunch, and all Collects events, are focused on educating our members about how to collect art, how to recognize the art you love, how to support artists, start a conversation with galleries and beyond. It’s art collecting 101 with mimosas on the menu.  Our Out & About team is already busy planning our annual Street Art Bus Tour for this Summer. Last year’s tour did not disappoint as we were able to meet some of the mural artists and hear about their process. Out & About takes our members to the latest and greatest restaurants, exhibits, music venues and more outside of the Denver Art Museum.

On top of our annual gala and events like listed above, we look forward to celebrating our members at our Hauswarming party in Fall. CultureHaus averages about 1x event per month – we look forward to seeing you soon!