Signature Event Co-Chair Role Opening


We’re looking for someone to run our biggest event of the year! Does any of this apply to you?
You love planning events from big picture creative ideas to down-and-dirty operations and logistics.
You have great relationships and love networking and drawing on your many circles of engaged folks in Denver.
You can devote a big chunk of volunteer time between August and February.
You’re a strong communicator and able to work very closely with a team—your two co-chairs ideally will become your BFFs.
You love turning TO-DOs into TO-DONEs. Initiative is your middle name.
You have two middle names: the other one is logistics.

Interested? Read on.


Each January or February, CultureHaus hosts our annual Signature Event to celebrate a major exhibition at the Denver Art Museum and raise money for future programming. The gala provides guests exclusive, after-hours access to the exhibition, while they enjoy cocktails, artistic activations, and a blind buy as an additional, on-site fundraiser.

The Signature Event is Culturehaus’ biggest endeavor of the year, embodying our organization’s mission to inspire and cultivate the next generation of arts patrons. In 2019, The Art of Dior Signature Event raised more than $31,000 for CultureHaus to support the Denver Art Museum, with a guest list of over 650 individuals. The next Signature Event is January 25, 2020.


Signature Event is run by a team of three volunteer board co-chairs responsible for all aspects of planning, coordination and execution. They work closely with representatives from the Denver Art Museum as well as a subcommittee of other CultureHaus board members to cover areas of sponsorship, marketing, PR and other logistics.

While the Signature Event Co-Chair position is a year-round position, the role is most demanding from August-February.

The Signature Event Co-chairs work best in a trio of unique and complementary strengths. We think these three “types” have created a great balance in the past:

A stellar relationship coordinator is able to communicate and handle the outreach between different members of the board, community, and the Denver Art Museum; they’re wonders at balancing multiple communication channels, coordinating project conversations, and establishing relationships with various event partners.

A phenomenal task tackler is able to get. things. done. They are able to take a list of to-do’s and make them into to-done’s (Too cheesy? NOPE.); they excel at completing isolated projects, seeing them through from beginning to end, then moving on to the next task without hesitation.

An amazing logistics manager is able to create systems and processes to support the event, their fellow Signature Event Chairs, and the CultureHaus Board. They manage and monitor project statuses, share updates, reports, and general event information, and keep everyone accountable and on-task.

If you have any of the above personality traits, work styles, or even just interests, you’re already a good candidate for a Signature Events Co-Chair position!

Still interested? Read on.


  • Current CultureHaus membership.
  • Must be available to attend the event! (The next Signature Event date is January, 25, 2020.)
  • Attendance at ALL meetings between August-February (and 80% of monthly board meetings for the year). There are a minimum of 1-2 meetings per month and closer to the event 3-5 meetings per month.
  • Previous leadership experience in some capacity.
  • Ability to collaborate and communicate well.
  • Last but not least, a love for the arts & culture community, and the Denver Art Museum!


  • Experience in event planning is strongly preferred; however, experience in areas of marketing and communications, fundraising and development, art and design, and project and volunteer management is a plus!
  • Attendance of a previous CultureHaus Signature Event or other gala in a large urban area. This attendance could be as a guest, a staff member, or volunteer.
  • Strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite, especially Word, Powerpoint, and Excel.
  • Familiar with Google Suite.


  • Quick BFFs: The Sig Event Chairs work super closely together, with open and honest communication, trusting relationships, and a fun and engaging team dynamic!
  • Frequent Communication: Expect emails, calls, and texts during the event-planning process.
  • A Feeling of Success: Each year, the Signature Event Co-Chairs strive to make the Signature Event better than the year before, even though each year is a roaring success. Events can be crazy, busy, and fun, but also this is largest fundraiser for CultureHaus and so a huge accomplishment when the night is over.
  • An Arts Family: The CultureHaus Board of Directors is a group of young professional movers and shakers who all adore the arts. We’re here to support each other however we can!

Is this something that sounds awesome and you want in on? For more information, send us an email at!