Stuart Semple Disco Unicorn Party


CultureHaus presents a two-day artist experience with acclaimed British artist, Stuart Semple. On October 1st, be our guest for the second event to party late night with CultureHaus, Semple, and his disco unicorn installation entitled, Self Portrait as a Young Unicorn. Join us at the Lane Meyer Projects gallery and adjoining Pon Pon bar as CultureHaus brings Semple’s #MyHappyPlace to Denver for a special night out.

About the Artist

In Stuart Semple’s works, the emotional and spiritual impact of mass culture on the individual are re-imagined with a playful, exuberant, and sociological language. Working across painting, film, public art, sculpture, and installation, during the past 15 years Semple has brought a unique voice to the issues facing his millennial generation particularly through his perspectives on anxiety, the impact of technology, and more. Semple’s hybrid compositions are often comprised of disparate appropriated and found elements which he weaves into alluring surfaces that encapsulate a deep critical analysis of contemporary culture. His world is one of low-culture internet trash, ‘90s Nickelodeon color palettes, indie music, obscure music videos, and cultural theory straight out of the ‘60s Frankfurt school.