Collects Presents Lovedy Barbatelli’s Private Collection


Collects presents an evening at the house of Lovedy Barbatelli. Join us for cocktails and light appetizers as Lovedy gives us a tour of her art collection and home. Lovedy Barbatelli has been seeing things deeper than meets the eye since she was a mere tot. Her eye is keen and honed, and she believes that the essence of all things is found in seeing the simplicity within. She was steeped in a visionary aesthetic growing up and has been developing this aesthetic her whole life.

Growing up with parents who were contemporary art collectors, she was moved by her mother’s depth and ability to see beauty. Lovedy started collecting art 30 years ago, and has never stopped. As an interior designer, modern dancer, singer and citizen of the world, collecting art leads as her true passion.

An artist friend, Luanne Burke, gave her a card once that said, “Whenever I see something beautiful, Lovedy, I think of you.”

For Lovedy, this was the biggest compliment she could ever receive.